10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Snooki's insults Wendy Williams to her face, Adam Scott and Jon Hamm are best buds, and we say goodbye to Regis Philbin (for now). More »

Does Occupy Support People Who Aren't White?

People often tell me that I don't look like your average Occupy protestor. I was initially drawn to the Occupy movement for several reasons. As an educator, anything that gets young people paying attention to the world around them is something that I feel the need to support. More »

Here's Your Minute-By-Minute Play-By-Play Of Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Last night, I joined the Twihards at a midnight screening of Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Since I first covered the franchise in 2008, I've gone to midnight screenings of each one, and I have to say, as events, they are getting more and more subdued. More »

Two Sisters Fight For Jobs After Bikini-Pic 'Humiliation'

Martha and Lorena Reyes had worked at the Hyatt Hotel in Santa Clara, CA for a combined total of over 30 years. But after they complained about "humiliating" photos posted of them, they were both fired. More »

Roadkill Recipes For Every Appetite

The ethical pitfalls of eating the steroidal flesh of murdered livestock may keep you from lifting that shrink-wrapped package of ground beef out of the refrigerated bin at the grocery store but no meat substitute can quite replace the delicious taste of a freshly slaughtered animal. More »

Be A True Bacon Lover With Baconlube

A few years ago J&D's, the makers of BaconSalt and Baconnaise, posted an ad for Baconlube as an April Fool's Day joke. The company tried to move on, but as they explain, "People harassed us via email, in public and in highly inappropriate ways (thanks for that). More »

What Happened To The Girl From A Very Young Dancer

When I was a kid, there were two best-selling books by photographer Jill Krementz that I read over and over, attempting to soak up the images, the words, the spirit of the narrative. More »

The Sensitive Etiquette Of The Bikini Wax

Whether you're going in for an eyebrow wax or a full Brazilian, paying somebody to rip your hair out can present some etiquette challenges. Today, we tackle those challenges head-on. More »

The Dirty, Unethical Business Of Fashion Blogs

Have you heard that people writing about clothing on the Internet is kind of a big thing right now? Women's Wear Daily jumped on the hottest trend from 2007 and ran a story about fashion bloggers, and how they make money. More »

America Without Abortion Would Be An Absolute Horror Show

This year, rather than fix the economy or create jobs, American lawmakers have opted to focus their attention instead on working their evangelical butts off to make sure that there are as many obstacles between a woman and reproductive control as possible. More »

What Do You Wish You Learned In Sex Ed?

The long dominance of abstinence-only sex ed in this country has made any program that even mentions condoms look pretty damn good. But what if your teachers could have taught you what you really needed to know about sex? More »

Real Women Have...Bodies

Last week, the UK lingerie chain Ann Summers launched a new campaign using what the company claims are "real women" from across England as its models. More »

This Week In Tabloids: Kate Middleton Faints From Carrying Imaginary Royal Twins

Welcome back to Midweek Madness, in which we rub the swollen bellies of Star, Us, In Touch, Life & Style, and Ok!. This week: Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant, but hoping to announce it with a lucrative photo shoot. More »

Seven Things I Wish I'd Done Before Getting Pregnant

During the last days of my pregnancy, I had some time to reflect on the life I've lived. For the most part, I was happy with what I've done, and even if I was wasted during much of my youth, I don't feel like I wasted that youth. More »

Highlights From A Bewildering Interview With Herman Cain

Herman Cain's interview with GQ has hit the ass of the internet like a swiftly moving hand of playful workplace encouragement. We already knew Cain is well versed in public buffoonery, and this interview doesn't disappoint. More »

Gabrielle Giffords' Incredible TV Interview

Last night TV viewers had an unusual choice. By flipping between two networks' primetime news magazine shows, they got to see that absolute worst and best of America. More »

New Reality-Show-Only Tabloid Promises To Waste Unprecedented Amounts of Paper

Sales of tabloid magazines have been floundering for quite some time, and Ok! was hemorrhaging money until it was sold this summer. So, how do you maximize profits at a time when we're saturated with celebrity gossip and people are buying fewer magazines in general? More »

Cook Yourself A Hot Meal Without An Oven Or Stove

Whether you're Occupying Wall Street or just Occupying Your Car, there may come a time in your life when you're hankering for a warm meal but don't have access to any appliances generally used for cooking. More »

Pet Insurance Fraud Is A Good Indicator Of Forthcoming Apocalypse

If you needed any more evidence that the Greek debt-crisis is threatening to throw the world into economic and social turmoil, here it is: British people have taken to puppy-killing. More »