Sugar Plum Fairies have to deal with confusion about what the hell they are on a daily basis, so you'd think they'd be prone to foul language. However, officials in St. Charles, Missouri consider this behavior unbecoming and have fired actress Laura Coppinger for simply uttering a curse word. Coppinger has played the character in the town's main street Christmas celebration for five years, but she was recently let go for swearing during a drug test. Coppinger accidentally flushed the toilet and, "Out of pure frustration with myself, I said a curse word," she says. She asked to take the test again, but was told not to bother because she's violated the Christmas Traditions Code of Conduct, which say, "Christmas characters don't know naughty words." Locals are now campaigning to get her job back, which seems reasonable since no children were listening to her take the drug test (we hope).