Chloë Sevigny says Jersey Shore is "embarrassing, and I think it's kind of diminishing our culture," but unlike Abercrombie & Fitch, she wouldn't try to stop anyone from wearing the clothing she designs. (Sevigny has a line with Opening Ceremony.) "I read somewhere that Abercrombie & Fitch offered to pay The Situation not to wear their clothes — but who am I to say who should be wearing mine? I do remember someone saying that...what's Paris Hilton's sister called? Isn't it Nicky or something? Anyway, she apparently talked to someone about my first collection, and was like, ‘I don't get it.' I was like, Good! I'm glad she doesn't get it. It's not for her. Besides, what's there to get with clothes? So if Snooki wants to wear my clothes, go for it. I think she'd look a lot better in them." Or, maybe she'd rather dress JWOWW: "I have to admit, I do find that JWoWW sexy in a really weird way." [Bullett]

Last night, H&M and Versace held a fashion show in New York, followed by a concert from Nicki Minaj and Prince. In this video, you can see a glimpse of the show, plus plenty of blather about it from celebrities including Jessica Alba, Zachary Quinto, Linda Evangelista, Uma Thurman, and Donatella Versace ("It's...rock 'n' roll"). Whatever editor made the call that the only clip of Prince's performance should be the very moment in "Pop Life" when he sings, "We all gotta pay the bills" is a subversive genius and we love him or her. [YouTube]

Chinese websites are already selling knock-offs of the collection, advertised with H&M's own photographs — which sneaky tactic we were recently warned of by Good Morning America. Won't fool us twice, Chinese knock-off websites! [Fashionista]

This is a rendering of how Barneys New York might change its façade for Lady Gaga's Workshop, the holiday store-within-a-store stocked with Gaga's favorite things. Those include chocolate skulls, the works of Roald Dahl, and monster-claw Christmas stockings. [WWD]

Obviously, there will be a woman's naked ass in an American Apparel ad for shoes. But not her face! That would just be weird. [Copyranter]

  • Marc Jacobs says being parodied on South Park was better than getting a lifetime achievement award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. "Honestly, without hesitation, it is the greatest honor, I mean, way above and beyond the lifetime achievement award, beyond anything. It's like, to be immortalized on South Park, I can die a happy man," says the designer. "That was probably the greatest honor of my entire life so far. I am the Muscle Man Marc doll on South Park, and I joined the very great ranks of being one of Cartman's toys — although I get boiled to death at the end of the episode. I think [South Park creators] Matt and Trey are just probably the two most brilliant people in the entire world, and it is definitely my favorite program on TV ... I have two of Cartman's toys tattooed, one on each forearm — Clyde Frog and the other one is Rumpletumskin." He's planning on adding a third Cartman's toy tattoo, naturally, it'll be of Muscle Man Marc. [The Cut]
  • Lady Gaga thinks drag is really ground-breaking. [V]
  • Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Mini one-off line of kids' clothes for Target hits stores on Sunday. [WaPo]
  • Christian Siriano, meanwhile, questions the wisdom of limited-edition mass-market collaborations. His Payless shoe line is a long-term thing; he's been debuting his new shoes in his New York fashion week shows for several seasons. "I honestly think that why Payless works is because we have a returning customer," he says. "We've been doing it for three years now, and it wasn't a wham-bam, in-and-out collection. Sometimes those don't work. If I was to do another [partnership], I would want it to be a real collection that's in the store for a long time, because that's how women shop." [WWD]
  • At the Glamour woman of the year awards, Jessica Alba — who presented one award to Tory Burch — revealed she is working on an "eco baby brand and household brand." Burch has been mentoring the actress. For some reason, WWD saw fit to mention that after the event, Emma Stone put on a "ratty old winter coat" over her Lanvin gown. A coat! In New York in November! Horrors! [WWD]
  • Unlike Adriana Lima and some of the other Victoria's Secret Angels who subsist on all-liquid diets for weeks ahead of the VS show, relative newcomer (and runway model by profession) Chanel Iman says she has to gain 15 pounds to do the show. "I drink a lot of protein shakes and do a lot of weight lifting," says Iman. Just in case she hasn't gained enough weight, the night before, "I have a big potluck at my house. All my friends bring over food and we barbecue and party it up!" A barbecue. In New York in November. Sure. [Modelinia]
  • This year, the Accessories Council awarded its "Let's Give One To A Celebrity, So She'll Come" award to Nicole Richie, for her services to handbags. [WWD]
  • Nearly 1,000 Gap stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day this year. Remember to take a slice of pie to your poor retail drone when you hit up those doorbuster sales. [The Cut]
  • Vogue's ad pages are up 7% in the first nine months of this year, compared with the same period of 2010. Vanity Fair's are up 3%. These apparently modest rates of increase — and let's not forget in the case of Vogue that the magazine was down in ad pages from '09-'10 by 5.5%, meaning this year's numbers are being compared with a particularly bad year — has, for some reason, merited a lengthy and glowing article on Anna Wintour and Graydon Carter's apparently world-leading editorial probity. [WWD]
  • And now, a moment with 80-year-old model Carmen Dell'Orefice, who first appeared on the cover of Vogue at age 15. (Models: they have always been underaged.) How do you feel about feminism, Carmen?
  • "I respect Gloria Steinem enormously. But I never wanted to be in any kind of movement - and if you're over a certain age, you better keep your bra on because nothing's worse than saggy duds. And guess what? Women have it harder than ever now because they've changed the dialogue, and men don't know what to do when they can't marry their mothers."

  • [Telegraph]