In 2012 the Democrats can secure a landslide victory against any of the Republican frontrunners — they just have to nominate Hillary Clinton instead of Barack Obama. According to a poll conducted by Time, if Clinton were the Democratic nominee, she'd beat Mitt Romney 55% to 38%, Rick Perry 58% to 32%, and Herman Cain 56% to 34% among likely voters. The poll projects President Obama would win too, but he's only trounce Romney 46% to 43%, Perry 50% to 38% and Cain 49% to 37%.

Not to downplay Clinton's success as secretary of state, but we doubt she'd be quite as popular if she had guided us through various economic crises, health care reform, and the tail end of two wars. Nevertheless, Clinton is more popular than she's ever been and it's still entirely possible that at the last minute she'll break away from the Democrats, form her own party (Hillarians? Rodocrats? Bull Moose Party?), and challenge Obama for the presidency ... or just retire from public service like she keeps saying she will.

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