In case you were planning to complain about the cleanliness of your local McDonald's, just be advised that you won't be welcome back in their feces-covered eatery. After swabbing several Arizona McDonald's as part of her crusade against bacteria in kids' playrooms, Erin Carr-Jordan received a hand-delivered letter informing her that she's no longer allowed in eight local restaurants. Carr-Jordan says she believes the incident that really set off the chain was when she found MRSA in a PlayPlace. She demanded that the area be shut down after she saw a child licking a ball. McDonald's says it's still willing to talk with her, but she's become "disruptive to the employees and customers within our franchise's restaurants." Carr-Jordan says she doesn't care about the ban because, "I've gotten positive responses from parents who said, 'Hey, I'm not banned. Give me swabs.'"

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