You won't find members of Congress camped out on the National Mall chanting "We are the 9%." They responded to the finding from a New York Times/CBS poll that their approval rating has hit that abysmally low figure by joking that they don't like Congress either. Senator Lindsey Graham said he tells people he's a lawyer because he's embarrassed to admit what he really does. Representative Trey Gowdy added, "We're below sharks and contract killers." Once laughing time was over, they went on to blame the problem on each other, President Obama, the economy, the wars, and the fact that we, the poor unwashed masses, just don't "get" them. It's pretty disgusting, but maybe we should all be disgusted with ourselves for continually electing these fools? This is all too confusing. Can someone just make this real-life Onion story stop?

Image via Songquan Deng/Shutterstock.