There's been a lot in the media recently about electronic devices frying kids' brains, but a Houston 2-year-old's ability to use a phone turned out to be a good thing. Though Larissa Taylor never taught her daughter Lia Vega to use the phone, somehow the girl was able to call her grandmother when Taylor collapsed. Bobbie Gonzalez says that when she picked up the phone, "It was Lia and she said, 'My mom fell down,' I said, 'Let me talk to your mom,' and she said, 'She won't wake up.'" Gonzalez called 911 and went over to the house. Taylor didn't know that she's diabetic, and doctors say she could have died if she didn't get to the hospital when she did. Taylor says Lia has been "wearing a towel around the house, calling herself a superhero, because mommy has told her about it ... So definitely she's my little superhero."