This past Saturday, the 21st annual Dog Halloween Parade took place in New York City's Tompkins Square Park and let me tell you, the economic downturn had no effect on this year's extravagant costumes. Okay, well, there was an Occupy Wall Street Dog, as seen above. Click through to see who took home first place, as well as the costumes that didn't but might as well be appreciated for the adorableness that they are, anyway.

Photo via Vivienne Gucwa/Flickr.

New York City Taxi & Sightseeing Bus, eveningsongserenade/Flickr.

Peacock Dog, via O POVO Online/Flickr.

Airline Stewardess Dog, via eveningsongserenade/Flickr.

Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein, via Vivienne Gucwa/Flickr.

Doggie In The Window Dog, eveningsongserenade/Flickr.

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Dog, via Vivienne Gucwa/Flickr.

Monarch Butterfly Dog, eveningsongserenade/Flickr.

Ballerina Bulldog, via linda passori/Flickr.

Mad Men's Don Draper, via Vivienne Gucwa/Flickr.

Princess Beatrice Dog, Second Place, via O POVO Online/Flickr. Lady Gaga Dog via SammyandtheCity/Flickr.

Hot Dog, eveningsongserenade/Flickr.

Bee Dog and Pumpkin In A Basket Dog, via Deprogramming Hour/Flickr.

Bee Dog, via O POVO Online/Flickr.

M23 Bus Dog, First Place winner!

Via eveningsongserenade/Flickr.

Nyan Dog, via Mike Byhoff.

Gidget Surfer Dog, via Vivienne Gucwa/Flickr.

Toddlers & Tiaras Dog, Kanye West Dog via Buzzfeed.

Carmen Miranda Dog, via eveningsongserenade/Flickr.

Poop Factory Dog, via Vivienne Gucwa/Flickr.

Kissing Bee Dog and Burglar Dog, via contrast and compare/Flickr.