First we saw the back of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's twins and now it's time for the front —for some reason!

The couple recently "debuted" (ugh) their 6-month-old twins on 20/20:

"They're incredible…But I will say that they really respond to music," they added about their little ones.

Carey also acknowledged that her pregnancy was far more than just having a tiny "baby bump" and calling it a day:

"I don't think I understood the enormity or the magnitude of what it really does to your body," she explained. "It's not just, oh you don't look pretty and you have a bump."

Tim Burton is about to make you excited about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade again.

The director is currently designing a "floating freak show of a balloon":

With pointed teeth and jagged stitching across his face, B. is the Frankenstein of balloons.

A Burton-created backstory distributed by Macy's says the balloon boy was "stitched together from rejects of old birthday party balloons." The parties were thrown for children at a London hospital. But B. wasn't allowed to join in the fun. Instead he watched the French short film "The Red Balloon" repeatedly.

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