Tonight is the magical night that Barbara Walters will show the first-ever look at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's twins Moroccan and Monroe. Of course, she stopped by Good Morning America earlier today to show some of the footage from tonight's 20/20 early. Score!

There will be a tour of Nick and Mariah's apartment, go into detail about Mariah's difficult pregnancy (later, on the View, Barbara mentioned gestational diabetes and preeclampsia) and we will actually see the twins. But in the clips above, Mariah is bluntly honest about her life now. When Babs asks her if Nick is a nice guy, she replies in front of him, "Eh, you know… he's a man, Barbara!" We see Nick get down on one knee and reenact his marriage proposal to Mariah in the very same place it happened, which is not awkward at all. And we also see the new mom sing a little to her baby. Mariah's kept much of her relationship with Nick Cannon private, and this is the first time she's let the public have a look at the twins. As someone who would put Mariah's epic MTV Cribs episode somewhere in her top 25 best TV moments ever, you don't know how excited I am for this.