This Nikon spot is not new β€” it was shot in Malibu in April, and first hit the airwaves in June. But since then, tabloids have reported that Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore by having unprotected sex with a booze-addled blonde in his hotel room. So now the ad β€” in which Ashton uses his camera to flirt with young ladies on the beach β€” just feels sleazy. The zoom lens has some phallic symbolism, as it grows longer when he sees pretty women. At the end of the commercial, a breathy female voiceover talks about how well the camera "performs in low light" β€” just like Kelso's penis? β€” and we see a shot of Ashton surrounded by pretty young things. The hot tub must have been cropped out of the frame.

Video: Ashton Kutcher Lures 4 Girls to His Hotel Room in Eerie Nikon Ad [Us]