It's true. Jennifer Aniston has "evolved" into a hipster. The Cut claims, "She's gone from a boot-cut Lucky Brand poster girl to a slouchy, oxford-wearing, cool Manhattanite." Boyfriend Justin Theroux is to blame/thank, of course, for Jen wearing fedoras, tank dresses and long pendants.

But, you say. Wearing a scarf when it's not cold does not a hipster make! Nor does an undershirt or a dangling gold necklace! How true. But the tabloids have painted Jen as a sad lonely desperate spinster for too long, and we've grown tired of the sunny-on-the-outside-sad-and-childless-on-the-inside narrative. We're ready to accept that being part of J'Anthrax has made Jen cool, and that she is, indeed, a hipster now.


In fact, we're willing to imagine some future headlines, that are surely in the works:

  • Jennifer Aniston Spotted Buying Garlic Scapes At Brooklyn CSA
  • Jennifer Aniston Gets Neck Tattoo Of Fixed Gear Bike
  • Jennifer Aniston Starts Matt & Kim Cover Band
  • Jennifer Aniston Arrested At Occupy Wall Street

Can't wait!

Jennifer Aniston's Hipster Evolution [The Cut]