On Friday, Tawakkul Karman of Yemen was one of three women awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Today, at a march in her honor, at least 38 women were injured by men throwing rocks. CNN reports that the perpetrators were "pro-government thugs."

Human rights activist Khalid Al-Anesi says: "They want to make people afraid to demonstrate… Women heard that Tawakkol Karman had won the Nobel Prize and they wanted to come out to support her winning." That's when the "gangs" attacked; one witness claims "rocks were randomly thrown directly towards the female marchers."

Obviously, the "gangs" do not understand Karman's message. On Friday, when Karman won the Peace Prize, she said, "I give this award to all of the youth and all of the women across the Arab world, in Egypt, in Tunisia… We cannot build our country or any country in the world without peace."

Yemen: Thousands Of Women Demonstrate, Dozens Injured [CNN]