On Friday Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled one of three self-commissioned bronze statues of his muscly, Speedo-clad body at his childhood home turned museum in Thal, Austria. While this photo of Arnold caressing his shiny metal ass may look like one of the most outrageous celebrity moments ever, social scientists tell LiveScience that this is actually totally normal behavior ... if you're one of history's greatest megalomaniacs. Lemont Dobson of Drury University in Missouri says:

"From ancient Chinese emperors creating terra cotta warrior armies to the pharaohs and their pyramids to the ancient Greeks creating statues to commemorate their athletic prowess to Donald Trump building skyscrapers across the country with his name on them, I think as human beings, we just can't help ourselves."

So true! I know I'm constantly fighting the urge to erect a giant nearly-nude sculpture of myself on my front lawn.