Have you had your Feminist Ryan Gosling today?

Someone —who is "not affiliated with FuckYeahRyanGosling"— has created a series of feminist theory flashcards from "your favorite sensitive movie dude-turned-meme" and they are pretty great.


I often feel like one of the only Jezzies who is not super on board with the RyanGoslingSuperMania —I get it, I like a few of his movies, I've just never been much for mania— but placing fictional quotes like "When I think about Margot Canaday's research pointing to the U.S. history of subjugating queerness through oppression in the form of immigration, welfare and the military, it makes me so mad I want to eat my shirt with you" next to the infamous shirt-eating pic is awesome enough to make me reconsider my position —or just laugh.

Yeah, probably the second one.