When you think "Giorgio Armani," do you think high contrast black and white? Do you think giant flower corsages? Do you think 1920s cloches and boaters? No? Well that's what he presented in Milan yesterday as part of his spring 2012 collection. Theere was an absence of color, but the clothes were super crisp, very fresh and totally sharp.

I love the Sharpie outlines on that blouse, and I dig the flirty, plunge dress in the center, but the droopy sadness on the end just looks like a mess.

Armani does not want you to eat anything with tomato sauce this spring.

The dress on the right, with its curvy lines and tulip-like layers, will definitely end up on a red carpet, soon.

Armani may been known for easy, relaxed shapes, but sometimes that means awkward and unwanted bulk.

Modern wedding! The bride on the left is into modern symbolism and Baudelaire; the bride on the right loves night-blooming cereus and macarons. They met when the flowergirl (center) invited them to a reading at a rare bookstore.

Signore Armani seems inspired by Madame Chanel, no?

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