The summer press tour for the Television Critics Association is currently in full swing, and CBS, The CW, and Showtime joined forces to throw a big party for its stars. Some celebs rose to the occasion, while others slumped into frump.

One time on ANTM, Tyra said, "Shiny fabric is not your friend." But Tyra's always talking arbitrary nonsense and this rule of hers certainly doesn't apply to Marilu Henner, who was proud to work her T&A at the TCAs.

The trend for LBDs at this event seemed to be see-thru. While Kat Graham's giant bun is pretty awesome, the rest of her ensemble looks like something that La Toya Jackson would wear while doing charity work. (There are shoulder embellishments!) Jaime King's drop waist and loose bodice is awkward, while Kristen Bell's boob pockets are super weird.

Yikes on the patterns. Swoosie Kurtz looks like a car on fire under a bridge, Mary Lynn Rajskub looks like a puddle at a rave, and while Natasha McElhone's dress looks really comfortable, it's not really comfortable to look at.

Somehow, Rachel Bilson's mismatched patterns really work together. Maybe because her shoes are so hot? It's good to see that she took a time out from those ice cream bar commercials where she doesn't have any lines to get her career back on track.

Only the dudes — JJ Abrams, Dave Foley — and Jillian Michaels wore denim.

Emmy Rossum, Claire Danes, and Lisa Kudrow all looked safe and respectable.

All of these girls—Kat Dennings, Mayim Bialik, Renee Felice Smith—are a mess, simply due to horrible proportions.

While Sela Ward (center) and Melissa Gilbert (right) look super comfy and classy, Natasha Henstridge kinda looks like a barfly or Homer Simpson's Vegas wife.

I hate Tristan Wilds' denim jacket. The only thing that should be puckered are lips and assholes. Morena Baccarin is making the fatal Gwyneth overlay saggy boobs mistake. And normally, I would really like Melissa McCarthy's dress because it's very muumuu-y, but the cardigan is unnecessary and dresses it all down.