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Today we learned Twilight fans won't actually get to see the Edward/Bella sex scene they've been fantasizing about for years. According to Caralain, that's very fitting:

I couldn't get past the first 50 pages, in which she stops whatever she's doing to daydream about edwards eyes/skin/face/abs whatever during EVERY ACTIVITY. It's like the 'like a boss' song but more annoying.
getting dressed? FANTASIZE!
Filling gas? FANTASIZE!
Talking to friend? FANTASIZE!
making casserole! FANTASIZE!
Eating lunch! FANTASIZE!
Driving car! FANTASIZE!
Brushing teeth! FANTASIZE!
Going to sleep! FANTASIZE!
Getting saved from stupid dangerous situation I put myself in! FANTASIZE!

Oh, I just summed up everything she ever does in any of the books, besides making out with Edward.

bloodlesscoup adds:

Well, there's also a lot of trepidation leading up to the sex, and then the guilt Edward feels for basically wrecking Bella, but other than that, it's the most beautiful way I can think of to lose one's virginity AND have your ass kicked simultaneously, while not remembering anything.

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