KIDDING! They're probably all sleeping with each other; that's what conventions are about! Anyhow, at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, there were the usual Stormtroopers and fantasy babes, but a smattering of celebrities managed to geek out as well.

Elvira dressed up as herself, Adrianne Curry donned some kind of Star Wars-type costume and Peter Dinklage went as an X-Men message board moderator.

One trend this year was for attendees to stand (or sit) around with signs akin to that of homeless people, except much sadder.

The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast dressed up in their The Nightman Cometh costumes for a panel.

A Kiss enthusiast, some breast cancer awareness enthusiasts, and a professional unenthusiast.

From what I can gather, these women seem to be fans of Germany through the ages, minus the whole racial purity era.

Oh, there he is.

Val Kilmer and John Cusack dressed up as scary bloated zombies.

These two got lost on their way to the furries sexual fetish convention.

Convention babes.

The girl on the left totally put everyone else to shame, makeup-wise.

When soldiers from the rebel alliance run into Stormtroopers at these things, do they just kind of casually nod "What's up" at one another?

Who wore it best?

It's really hard to embarrass oneself at an event like Comic-Con, but Thomas Jane managed to do so when he walked around barefoot, exposing his fungal toenails.

"Do U want 2 go w/me 2 Game of Thrones panel?"
"The answer is no, and I can say it in Na'vi and Klingon, which are pretty much the same. I have some theories about that, which I will share with you never. "

So, we've seen some pretty geeky things at Comic-Con this year, but for some reason, Colin Farrell wearing his autograph pen around his neck kind of tops the list.