Some lady gave birth in the bathroom of a McDonald's. Tacky! And embarrasing. As Catladypants writes,

Ugh, if she was really committed to doing an all natural, vaginal birth, she should have gone to Whole Foods to deliver. Having it at McDonalds makes her less of a woman.

accesskathryn disagrees:

No, no, not Whole Foods! That's a corporate national chain! Her local food co-op or farmer's market would have been the best all-natural venue. Whole Foods=conventionally-grown lentils. Tsk! Tsk!

CandyBacon demands:


and egg cream takes it one step further:


Meanwhile, jemandtheholograms brags:

I'm having mine at the farm where my CSA share comes from. Whole Foods has a giant carbon footprint, my local farm doesn't.

Congrats to all. Them babies are gonna make for some good nomming.

And, since it's Friday, Special Mention Comment Of The Day goes to girlwonder, for creating a hot new dance craze.

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