10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Nancy Grace and her Casey Anthony outrage is in high demand, Jill Zarin makes her acting debut, and evil pageant children know how to exact their revenge. More »

Bachmann Signs Anti-Porn Pledge Saying Blacks Were Better Off During Slavery

Michele Bachmann, it will not shock you to learn, is the first Republican candidate to sign a pledge to be the most socially conservative candidate to walk the plains of Iowa. The document itself is a thing of beauty. More »

The Best Of Nancy Grace's Batshit Casey Anthony Coverage

By now you've surely heard about how Nancy Grace handled the news that Casey Anthony had been found not guitly of murder yesterday, but lest we forget that this case — and Grace's obsession — were nearly three years in the making. Herewith, a look back of some of the host's finer "Tot Mom" moments. More »

Why Is TOMS Partnering With An Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Group?

Last week, TOMS shoes founder Blake Mycoskie was a headliner at an event hosted by Focus On The Family. According to Christianity Today, Focus On The Family is "working to become a TOMS international distributor in Africa." Will canvas-footed progressives balk? More »

Can Kate Middleton Bring Back Pantyhose?

Kate Middleton has never stepped out in some Gaga-esque getup, yet she's managed to stir up an international controversy over her attire. The Duchess' fashion choices are purposely conservative, but now many are complaining that her fondness for nude pantyhose is hopelessly old fashioned. More »

Octomom And Brood Wreak Absolute Havoc On Live Television

Well. Normally I'd not bat an eye at Nadya Suleman appearing on the Today Show - this is, after all, the program that interviews the Duggars every time they've been infected with another pregnancy - but this morning's segment was so positively insane that it really is worth noting. She of the gargantuan womb was in-studio with her 2½-year-old octuplets, who really are gorgeous, and one of the other kids (the poor dears really will be known as "the other ones" for most of their lives). And I'll be damned if the woman wasn't on speed. Granted, you certainly need to be jacked up on something to handle fourteen kids. More »

This Week In Tabloids: Both Katy Perry & Jen Garner's Marriages Are Totally Falling Apart

Welcome back to Midweek Madness, in which we pick at the plates full of gossip served up by Ok!, In Touch, Star, Us and Life & Style. Today, the kids from Teen Mom want more babies; Kim Kardashian is experiencing "wedding panic"; Russell Brand and Katy Perry are living separate lives; and Jennifer Garner had no idea Ben Affleck was boozing and gambling behind her back until that pesky poker ring scandal hit the news. More »

Millions Conned By "Tiny Belly" Ads

Maybe you're one of the internet-savvy folks who have seen one of those ubiquitous "tiny belly" ads but never bothered to click one. You sensed that the "weird tip" was probably bullshit. If so, you were right… and lucky: the Federal Trade Commission claims the ads are part of a three-step scheme. More »

Lady CEO Of Archie Comics Accused Of Shouting About Penises

Archie Comics is suing to bar its co-ceo, Nancy Silberkleit from returning to the office, saying employees complained about her "offensive" behavior. More »

Our Fascination With The Murderous Side Of Motherhood

"My mom is going to kill me." A phrase used so often it has lost its urgency and true meaning. More »

Chris Hansen Reportedly Joins The High-Profile Sexting Canon

Former To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansen has allegedly sent a woman who is not his wife photos of himself nude in a bathrobe, grabbing his genitals. Anthony Weiner will be pleased to know his name has been slapped on all such practices. More »

Dior's First Couture Show Without John Galliano Was A Total Mess

After fifteen years at Christian Dior, John Galliano was fired for inveterate alcoholism and being rather racist this spring. While Galliano fights a court case, Dior has dragged its feet in replacing him. So the brand went ahead with a couture show in Paris yesterday without a new designer. The pieces in the collection ranged from brightly colored to very sparkly to extremely ruffled, with no apparent theme. More »

How To Knit A Prada-Inspired Purse

Ever have a moment of acute designer covetousness that coincides with the realization that you have, like, $67.16 to last you through your next paycheck? The things we see on the runway and in magazines might as well for most of us exist in another universe: but if you consume designer collections more with your mind's eye than with your wallet, and you have some basic crafting skills, making your own at-home versions isn't always too hard. Last week, I took an idea Prada had — making handbags out of knitted leather — and translated it into a purse of my own. If you can knit, you can knit this bag. More »

TLC's Horrific Reenactment Of An Amniotic Sac Falling Out Of Woman

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant is always weird and gross and kind of unbelievable—especially, now, as a pregnant person, it seems inconceivable to me that there would be enough women in the world who didn't know they were pregnant to warrant a television series—but on last night's episode, things got even weirder and grosser. More »