Bristol Palin proved today that she has a bigger set than her mother—who has refused repeated invitations over the years to appear as a guest—by facing the opinionated ladies of The View, who are known to not shy away from the hard questions. While they did press Bristol on some of her comments in the book that have already been talked about in basically every other media outlet—how her virginity was "stolen" not "lost"; her re-dedication to an abstinent life; her harsh words about the McCain women—they mostly went easy on her, spending a great deal of time cooing over the cuteness of her son, compared to some other guests they've reamed. (It would've been better, when they asked her if she had career aspirations, and she answered, "Yeah, I have tons and tons of interests," if they could've discussed her real career, as a reality TV star.) Perhaps they were trying to create the illusion of an inviting environment for Sarah as a way to finally nail down that interview, should she decide to run in 2012?