Last year's men's World Cup drew the world's attention to South Africa, but men aren't the only ones who can kick balls and turn heads with their soccer prowess.

Check out the beauty and strength and alligator-killing gams of the tournament's players, and if you're interested in tuning in, powerhouses Germany and France are playing each other on Tuesday, and the United States women will face a tough Swedish squad on Wednesday. Great coverage/analysis of the Cup thus far can be found here.

Now, to the Thighlights!

Equatorial Guinea's Anonman celebrates after scoring her side's first goal during the group D match between Australia and Equatorial Guinea at the Women's Soccer World Cup in Bochum, Germany, Sunday.

Hope Solo of USA controls the ball during the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 Group C match between USA and Colombia at Rhein-Neckar-Arena on Friday. (I wonder if she has any relation to Han.)

Brazil's Rosana, Cristiane, Marta, Maurine and Formiga, from left, dance as they celebrate Rosana scoring her side's 2nd goal during the group D match between Brazil and Norway.

Germany's Simone Laudehr celebrates scoring the opening goal during the group A match between Germany and Nigeria.

North Korea's Jong Pok Sim, left, and Sweden's Lotta Schelin go for a header during the group C match between North Korea and Sweden.

United States goalkeeper Hope Solo tries to stop a shot from teammate Alex Krieger during a training session in preparation for a match against Sweden.

Equatorial Guinea's Carolina, right, goes for the ball followed by Australia's Lisa De Vanna during the group D match between Australia and Equatorial Guinea.

Louisa Necib of France plays the ball during the matchday –1 training of France on the eve of the group A match between France and Germany.

Canada's Sophie Schmidt, left, and France's Marie-Laure Delie challenge for the ball during the group A match between Canada and France.

England's Kelly Smith, left, and Mexico's Monica Ocampo challenge for the ball during the group B match between Mexico and England.

All images and caption information via AP