10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, "poop transplant" is a real medical procedure involving human feces, Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher gets a new face, and Bam Margera opens up for the first time since his friend Ryan Dunn's death. More »

Did Google Reject Job Applicants Because They're Fat?

A New York City woman - let's call her Ms. G, because she signed a non-disclosure agreement - went to Google's local offices to take a test for an administrative position. She'd already had a phone interview, and now there was a test. Afterwards, at lunch, Ms. G says seven of the roughly 20 people there were politely escorted out. All seven were overweight women; everyone who stayed was thin. More »

Women Apparently Ruining Tennis With Their Excessive Grunting

Wimbledon, the sacred summertime rite celebrating the best and brightest of the tennis world, is once again upon us. But an ominous shadow darkens the crisp white shorts of the world's oldest tennis tournament, a stain that threatens to compromise the very integrity of not only tennis and sports competitions in general, but of civilization itself: women making too much noise when they hit the ball. Yes, the tournament with a history that has spanned nearly 150 years is about to be ruined by loud ladies. Nice going, jerks. More »

Make Yourself An Emergency Maxi-Pad

Menstruation is a mixed blessing. On one hand, your period provides calming reassurance that you're not pregnant, gives you an excuse to skip gym on rope climbing day, and allows for some quality "spending an evening alone with Netflix Instant" time. On the other hand, it can sometimes be an embarrassingly unpredictable gurgling curse from hell - taunting you when you're trying to get pregnant, befouling your date-night panties, and inviting both shark and bear attacks. More »

How To Pass A Drug Test

Perhaps you've found yourself in a situation where you have to take a drug test. And perhaps you are a marijuana enthusiast or just sporadically partake in the pleasure. This intersection is Not Good, but we have some tips on how marijuana users can pass a urine test, and piss like you're off the pot. More »

Grown Woman Hoards Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dolls

Typically, the people featured on A&E's Hoarders suffer serious health risks because their homes become unhygienic messes due to dust or mold or or broken toilets; there's an inability to clean because there's simply too much clutter. But things were a little different for Phyllis on last night's season premiere. She collects dolls - hundreds of thousands of them — that she washes and repairs (in what she calls her "doll surgeries," conducted in a makeshift doll hospital she set up in her home). More »

Now Even Babies Should Watch Their Weight

We thought that kids could wait until they were in preschool, or at least kindergarten, to start worrying that they're fat, but apparently even babies should be concerned about having baby fat. More »

Anthony Weiner's Latest Sorry Stunt

Yesterday was Anthony Weiner's first day of unemployment, and the former congressman was back in the spotlight as he stepped out in his Queens, NY neighborhood and was snapped by a photographer. The pictures, which are so obviously staged and posed, show Weiner in jeans and a dress shirt - sleeves rolled up - buying flowers. A simple task, but a calculated attempt at manipulating and controlling his public image. More »

This Week In Tabloids: Jake Gyllenhaal & Ashton Kutcher's Old Noses, Revealed

Welcome back to Midweek Madness. Every Wednesday, we put on our best business casual and meet with Ok!, Star, In Touch, Us and Life & Style. This week we find out: What Lindsay Lohan has been watching on TV while on house arrest; what kind of roses Kim Kardashian will have at her elaborate wedding; the exact date Brad and Angelina will get married; and exactly which cosmetic surgical procedures men like Ashton Kutcher, George Clooney, Tom Cruise and Jake Gyllenhaal have had done. More »

John Galliano Is Even Worse Than We Thought

Several new details of the incident that cost designer John Galliano his job at Christian Dior - and that has led to him facing criminal charges at a trial set to take place in Paris this Wednesday - have emerged, and goodness, they are interesting. Read on for chair-throwing, lawyer-calling, and handbag-related insults. Oh! And lots of (alleged) anti-Semitism and racism. More »

How The Wal-Mart Women Lost

All nine Justices today agreed on a legal point about whether the women suing Wal-Mart count as a single class. It's where they disagreed, 5-4 along ideological lines, that matters — namely, whether you can have a discriminated class without a written policy of discrimination. Guess which side all three female justices were on? More »

Watch Miss USA Hopefuls Awkwardly Dance Around The Evolution Issue

During their pre-pageant questioning, each of the potential Miss USAs were asked a simple question: "Should evolution be taught in schools?" Here are their trimmed-down, wishy washy answers. More »

How To Alter A Thrift Store Dress

I feel like this happens to me all the time: I'm browsing the racks at the SalvA, skipping past unfortunate housedresses and schmattas of little significance when I spy something astonishing. Something really gorgeous. And this something only costs a few bucks, and I simply must have it. Only problem is, it doesn't quite fit. The dress is too long, it's too short, it's too big, it's too small, the arm holes are too high or they're too low, the waist gapes or the hips are tight, or maybe it just doesn't generally sit "right" - whatever the problem is, the astonishing dress is just not quite wearable as-is. More »

The Best Lesbian Romance Novels

When I was gifted a Kindle for my birthday this year, I did something that I admit, shamefully, I've never done in a bookstore: I perused titles in the "lesbian" category. After sifting through pages of poorly titled erotica, I stumbled across a terrible/AWESOME genre: lesbian romance. More »

Surprise! You're 30!

Some advice from a wise 30-something to you lucky 20-somethings. Come, let me be your sherpa. More »

Is Rape Natural?

The argument that rape is an extension of male sexual desire isn't new, but it's been thrown around a lot of late. We decided to take a closer look. More »

A History Of Fashion's Appropriation Of Art [NSFW]

For Christian Louboutin's latest lookbook, photographer Peter Lippmann used models to essentially recreate iconic works from art history: Whistler's Mother, Francisco de Zurbarán's St. Dorothy, and here, Jean-Marc Nattier's 1738 Portrait of the Marquise D'Antin. And added, you know, really expensive shoes. It's an old trick - and an interesting gloss on the just-as-old "is fashion art?" question. (It's not, and it needn't have to be in order to be compelling or legitimate. "Art" isn't "better" than "fashion.") More »