Stars of both reality and scripted television showed up in Beverly Hills for the Critics' Choice Television Awards last night. Danny DeVito's face kind of says it all.

Pants were a big trend for women last night. The blouse-y suit thing is kind of expected with Jane Lynch at this point, but it would be cool to see her in something a little less Ann Taylor and perhaps a little more Banana Republic, like Jenna Elfman over there. And then of course, there is the mess that is Kim Richards. She looks like she's been laughing it up with some locals at the bar in the Tropicana in A.C. for about six hours.

Doesn't Kaley Cuoco look so '90s Mariah? Except Mimi would never cover up her legs like that. In fact, you know that your outfit isn't working when you have to do the Miss Jay "Hay gurl" pose just to establish that you are, in fact, wearing pants. I actually love the "Express Yourself" throwback Ariel Winter is wearing, but at only 13 years old, it's a little age inappropriate — if only because the fashion reference conjures up images of crotch-grabbing. As for Martha Plimpton, she looks really cute, but if the 13-year-old can dress it up with heels, so can she.

Patricia Heaton's hair is the results of a cross-pollination of Adam Lambert and Kate Gosselin.

Zooey Deschanel is so perfect that she even manages to make my craft pet peeve, ric-rac, look cute.

Sam Trammell shouldn't let his hair air dry like that. Ru Paul is giving us country club realness. And Jon Hamm is doing a Tom Wolfe thing.

Doesn't Katey Sagal just seem like the coolest? She always just manages to always have a Shangri-Las chick air about her without looking costume-y.

Men in black: Michael Pitt, Danny DeVito, and Alan Cumming.

It's kind of crazy to see Christina Hendricks and Camille Grammer side-by-side and know that they're part of the same species. Compared to Hendricks' organic figure and alabaster skin, Grammer's fake tan and paid-for parts make her seem like a sort of Cherry 2000 fembot. Meanwhile, Judy Greer's purple dress is awkwardly cut.

By pairing a blazer with a short skirt and heels, Sarah Hyland is working one of my favorite looks which I like to call Power Slut. She has a head for business and a bod for sin. Is there anything wrong with that? Lacey Schwimmer and Courtney Cox look far less sophisticated by comparison.

Erica Tazel, Sarah Carter, and Michelle Forbes are my choices for Best Dressed because honestly, don't they just look like real people in lovely outfits that you'd actually wear if you had to go to a nice event?

And here are the messies. No matter how hard she tries, Mayim Bialik always seems to look like a chaperone at a high school date dance. Ed O'Neill actually looks like my dad going to Saturday evening mass and Busy Phillips' dress would even look lame at the Mermaid Parade.