With an Entertainment Weekly cover story hitting stands this week, The Hunger Games frenzy is reaching a mainstream fever pitch. Though the filming of the movie is just beginning, the internet is already obsessed with the the books, the characters, and the lore. The Hunger Games Fandom is intense, with fansites, District-oriented Tumblrs, cosplay, and, of course, fan art. You don't have to wait for the film (which will be released in March of 2012) to see teenage heroine Katniss Everdeen brought to life!

Above: A photo manipulation of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, by Elle, via Flickr. This hair color is better than the chestnut the studio has given Lawrence, but what can you do?

This illustration, by RatGirl Studios, shows Katniss and Peeta getting their smooch on. Notice how dark Katniss's skin is? Love it. Because when I'm reading the books, I picture Q'orianka Kilcher as Katniss. But that's just me.

Another gorgeous illustration, by Palnk. Katniss: Skinny and injured, but determined.

Here we have Katniss as she appears when she parades through the Capitol before the Games. The Girl On Fire.

Ha! A stampede of tributes coming at Katniss — with Rue peeking out from behind a tree. Amazing. Posted on 13 Districts by Mayor Mary. (Someone commented: "This is very good, but i'm srry. I'm not a fan of ppl who color her hair brown. The book specifically says 'black', guys.")

Here are some key players in The Hunger Games cast — even Avox Girl! Foxface is missing, though. By elontirien. Click to enlarge.

Aww, it's Katniss forcing Peeta to eat as they hide in a rock cave. Some medicine should arrive by silver parachute soon. Meanwhile, check out how the steam makes a little heart. Squee. By Brytning.

Before Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss, this photo manipulation imagined Kaya Scodelario of Skins in the role, with Hunter Parrish as Peeta Mellark (top). Below: Alex Pettyfer as Peeta Mellark and Caitlin Stasey (from Neighbours and Tomorrow, when the War Began) as Katniss Everdeen. By smirks_works.

Here, again, is Kaya Scodelario of Skins as Katniss. By AliceCullen88.

Love, love, love this anime version of Gale, Katniss and Peeta. Gale is almost Aladdin-level hotness. By ichan-01.

Peeta, the baker's son, makes fancy cakes. Gale hunts. How is a girl to choose? Image by apricotteacup. Click to enlarge.

Since The Hunger Games are televised, Shywalker made a mock-up screencap. The Capitol sees everything.

Shywalker also created an image of John C. Reilly as Haymitch. (We now know the part has gone to Woody Harrelson.) This same fan has been working on Hunger Games crochet projects, so be sure and check those out.

Many fans are focused on Katniss, but there's plenty of art devoted to little Rue. This drawing by commoner-pocky is called "Innocence." Sniffle.

Rue as a Muttation, by dalmatian1122.

Rue in her interview dress, complete with wings, by jellybean5898.

Can't draw? Got crappy Photoshop skills? No worries. You can still be a superfan. Take it from EvelineMouse, who writes:

This my cosplay of Katniss Everdeen from The Hungergames. I've read the books 3 times and I want to read them again, Yes i'm addicted :3
I know I don't look like Katniss at all, but it was a lot of fun to do it.

(photograph,model, setting: me)

This could be ever so slightly awkward to do in a public park, but obviously the results are worth it.

Halloween costume alert: With a braid, a bow and some arrows Jodelle became Katniss.

Or, you can dress like a coal miner and show your District 12 pride, like pcaradactyl.

If you have video editing skills, you can make a faux trailer. (Or, you know, just watch some.) YouTube is chock-full of 'em. This one was made by Heisavampire.

Last, but not least: EmpressFunk jokes that this is "the true ending to Mockingjay." Peeta and Gale in love!