10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Steven Tyler judges an American Idol contestant's ass, Julie Chen explains her eyes, and interspecies love between a dog and a baby raccoon. More »

How To Buy A Sex Toy

May is National Masturbation Month! Perhaps you'd like to celebrate by purchasing a new vibrator or dildo? Whether it's your first time or you're looking to upgrade or try something new, we've got some helpful hints to assist you in shopping for a sex toy. We asked Lux from our sexy sister site Fleshbot as well as writer, speaker, educator and activist Dr. Carol Queen, of Good Vibrations, to share their expert advice. More »

The Many Ways To Say Bridesmaids Won't Cut Off Your Balls

Everyone who cares about showcasing funny women knows there's a lot riding on the success of Bridesmaids, opening this weekend. Director Paul Feig has said, "I kept thinking, ‘If I blow this, I'm going to ruin it for these women for years and years.'" More »

Why I Hate My Giant Dong

I've got a big penis. This is my tale of woe. More »

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The Fashionable Hits & Misses At The Cannes Film Festival

The 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival kicked off this week with lots of premieres and photo ops for which celebs dressed up. From Angelina's casual khaki to typical Tilda, we have the best and worst of the offerings. More »

Osama Bin Laden's Giant Porn Stash

Yes, you read that right. U.S. officials found an "extensive" pornographic video collection at the compound. Holy, indeed. More »

Unapologetic Mother Gives Botox Injections To 8-Year-Old Daughter

A mother who's been administering botox injections on her own daughter's face - for purely aesthetic reasons, mind you - has decided to share her side of the situation on morning television. What the fucking fuck. More »

This Week In Tabloids: Random Chick Claims She Miscarried Matt Bellamy's Fetus

This week, Katie Holmes is unofficially officially pregnant; Pippa Middleton is secretly engaged; Prince Harry has told Chelsy Davy that she's "next"; Brad's got a new tatto, inspired by Angelina; and Muse singer Matthew Bellamy got some girl pregnant right before he started shtupping Kate Hudson. More »

How To Paint Your Nails With Stripes

Brightly colored stripes were all over the spring collections, but I strongly suspect I'd feel like a tool wearing most of those things in a year. So...I set myself the challenge of incorporating stripes into my look in a far cheaper, and reassuringly temporary, way. Striped nails! Here's how I did it. More »

Is Semen Really An Antidepressant?

The supposed antidepressant properties of semen have been getting a lot of press lately. We decided to find out if splooge will really boost your mood. More »

Lifetime Movie Cartoons: Another Woman's Husband

In our last installment of Lifetime Movie Cartoons, we examined the true-ish history of Will and Kate's courtship as reconceived by the great minds at LMN. Today we're back to the Lifetime genre in its purest form: pure fiction. More »

How Lady Gaga Repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell

Lady Gaga is talking politics again - this time, immigration politics. You could be skeptical about the impact a celebrity could have on the political conversation - or you could look at certain other examples, including Gaga with the Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal. More »

What Went Wrong With Sarah Palin?

Once upon a time, Sarah Palin was a genuinely effective, bipartisan legislator. No, really. More »

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The Leotards, Sparkles, And Feathers Of Eurovision 2011

The Eurovision Song Contest is in full swing in Düsseldorf, with the Semi-Final taking place tonight. We review the glory that was last night's dress rehearsal. More »

How To Play Matchmaker

Sometimes, you really want to set your single friends up with each other. But how to do it in a way that's not awkward? And what if it backfires? Today, we answer these questions and more. More »

Is Kate Hudson Coasting On Cuteness?

Something Borrowed made about $13.2 million this weekend. Sounds like a lot of money, but it's much, much less than Thor, which raked in $66 million - and a little bit less than Jumping The Broom, which earned $13.7 million, and played in fewer theaters. Plus, Something Borrowed cost about $35 million to make, so it's got a long way to go before turning a profit. (Jumping The Broom's budget was a mere $6 mil.) What is going on with Kate Hudson's career? Is she coasting along on cuteness? More »

Meghan McCain Fires Back At Sexist Turd Glenn Beck

After Glenn Beck graphically pretended to vomit on his radio show at the sight of Meghan McCain wearing a strapless dress in a recent skin cancer PSA, McCain is fighting back with an open letter to the notoriously douche-y pundit. More »