Yesterday in Cap d'Antibes at sunset, Karl Lagerfeld presented Chanel's cruise collection — a bunch of clothes for ladies of sufficient means to spend their northern-hemisphere winters vacationing in warmer climes. Each look was accessorized with several million dollars in jewelry. "This is about the women of Cannes, women who mix bathing suits with real pearls and diamonds," explained Karl Lagerfeld. "After all, you can't wear fakes into the water." After all.

Let us now speak in the Fashion Singular. This season, apparently, it's all about the white high-heeled thong sandal boot, the black elbow-length fingerless glove, and the Chanel branded beach towel.

Blake Lively and Rachel Bilson — lately the co-star of some TV commercials for ice cream that Karl Lagerfeld directed — were in attendance. So was everybody's favorite leather-daddy starchitect, Peter Marino! And Clémence Poésy, and Vanessa Paradis. Guests sat on deck chairs on the sand while they watched the show.

There were a number of looks in prim Easter colors — purple and yellow.

Grey-haired forty-something supermodel Kristen McMenamy, center, is basically the coolest person on earth right now. (She's also in a bikini on the cover of this month's Vogue Italia.) Just look at her. Not one fuck ever has or ever will be given by Kristen McMenamy.

What a practical beach cover-up — a nice tailored wool bouclé jacket with a chain-weighted hem. Oh, wait...

There were some very nice evening looks — that floaty chiffon dress is gorgeous.

Then the Kaiser appeared, and saw that it was good.