Vicariously, anyway! The Tribeca Ball 2011 At The New York Academy of Art was just what it sounds like: a little elegant, a bit bohemian, a lot fascinating.

Naomi Watts goes 70s-romantic. She looks ready to cut an album in Topanga.

Rachel Roy shows how to do drama with color while keeping shapes basic.

Cynthia Rowley channels Zelda from "Singing in the Rain" — which, really, we don't see enough.

Jena Malone is a study in elegant minimalism.

Ditto Leelee Sobieski, who adds a boho element with the shoes.

Parker Posey makes a potentially awkward shape work. And even adds a dash of "House of Yes" glamour.

Lela Rose gives the definition of "statement necklace."

Remember the "Naked Dress" from early in Sex and the City? Seren Shvo's is like 2.0. And in keeping with progress, it's even more naked.

Sanaa Lathan is, as my grandfather might have said, "pretty as a pink" in this sweet-sharp combo.

Not what we'd look for when we heard the word "ball," but rock royalty knows these things instinctively, I suppose.

Sophie Sutton: pure Gatsby chic.

Fabiola Beracasa never takes the expected route — and today she goes for dowdy-chic.

Kate Spade, as whimsical dowager.

Lisa Maria Falcone wins the Bai Ling award for so-inappropriate-she-must-know-something-the-rest-of-us-don't fashion.

And the undisputed king and queen of the ball, Beatrix and Ludwig Ost!