Full disclosure: I was only vaguely aware of the "CinemaCon Awards." But apparently, they're awesome enough to get Helen Mirren at her elegant best, and Blake Lively as a deconstructed saloon girl!

Did we mention that they take place in Vegas? Yeah. Maybe I've just gotten defensive since people are "grumbling" about Blake as face-of-Chanel, but I kind of like that she visibly tries and doesn't play it too cool — but still has fun. Win or lose.

Dame Helen, at her elegant, irreverent best. Soft but never mumsy, is her motto!


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes classic, flawless and slightly severe.


Russell Brand, looking, if I may say so, particularly unwholesome. How does a neat suit and tie still manage to project the image of coming off a bender? Well, they are in Vegas.

Natasha Bedingfield generally goes slightly goofy, and this was no exception! I like the careful touch of matching!


Julianne Hough, also in not-so-LBD.