We don't even have the patience to wait 7 years anymore. Apparently nowadays, we're straying after 3. Or so say people affiliated with Hall Pass.

So, yes, take it for what it's worth: in a study of 2000 coupled adults, the Farrelly Brothers-commissioned test found that, according to the British FemaleFirst blog,

the findings reveal that tensions in relationships tend to increase significantly at the 36 month marker; indeed a staggering 67% of all of those surveyed said that small irritations which are seemingly harmless and often endearing during the first flushes of love often expand into major irritations around this time. These findings are supported by figures which show that the couples in three year + relationships argue for an average of 2.7 hours every week a massive 5.4 days of conflict over the course of a year and double the amount of arguments (average of 1.2 hours arguing per week) of the younger sample group.

They attempt to term this "the 3-year twitch," which is frankly an insult to twitching. Also, people are now taking "pink passes" and having solo sex breaks? Funny, because that's exactly what happens in the movie and as we know from careful study of Shallow Hal, the Farrellys have their finger on the pulse of modern relationships. Which, I guess, would make this our generation's Seven Year Itch. I know! Just when you thought this post couldn't get more dispiriting!

The Seven Year Itch is now the Three Year Wobble [FemaleFirst]