Is it time for Suri Cruise to hang up her pacifier? The inquiring minds at Us Weekly want to know!

They write, "Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' tot will turn five next month, but when she stepped out with mom for a cupcake run in Vancouver over the weekend, she was still sucking on a pacifier." Is this cause for freaking out? Over 97% of respondents to an Us Weekly poll say yes (their response is so overwhelming that we sort of suspect vote-fixing by some sort of anti-pacifier lobby)! Over at StrollerDerby, Monica Bielanko offers a more nuanced view: yes, pacifiers might contribute to language delays or dental problems if used for too long, but "If Katie doesn't mind Suri rocking the pacifier, I don't either. It's not the worst thing she could do. Is it really that reprehensible?"

It's not, although Us Weekly has a valid point: "It seems Suri is straddling a line between babe and little lady. Last year Cruise and Holmes came under fire for letting Suri wear heels and lipstick." Sporting both a pacifier and high heels does have some creepy Lolita undertones. And given her provenance, Suri may want to kick the habit now so she can take advantage of that precious window between pacifier and plastic surgery — we hear it's getting smaller and smaller.

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