This weekend, images from Kate and William: A Very Public Love Affair, the definitive graphic novel on the royal wedding, were released online. These are definitely the most accurate drawings of the couple, mainly because they don't look like they're suffering from second degree burns or numerous bee stings. However, the story left something to be desired, so we added our own dialogue — and you can too!

As heir to one of the world's last monarchies, Prince William spent most of his life running from throngs of desperate women — and men.

In college, William met Kate Middleton, the woman who would one day be his queen. He instantly knew that she was the only one for him, but decided to wait eight years to propose, mainly for entertainment purposes.

Finally, William popped the question while he and Kate were on vacation at a secluded African resort. Since they were already being hounded by paparazzi, they went to great lengths to find a location far from prying eyes. Thankfully for us, their moment of fireside passion has now been reproduced in dozens of artists' renderings.

The media attention only intensified after they announced their engagement. Kate suddenly felt like a movie star, or perhaps an heiress with a sex tape and a reality show, rather than a commoner marrying into a family with inadequate genetic diversity.

But ultimately, Kate decided the media scrutiny was all worth it. After all, it's not every girl that gets to marry a handsome prince (and have a nail polish named after her).

Now it's your turn! Head to the comments and tell us what Kate is thinking in this lovely Roy Lichtenstein-esque illustration.


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