• Best Comment Of The Day in response to Adultery Website Founder Wants Your Respect, You Whore:

Now that he's taught women how to cheat, what will he teach us next? I, for one, have been dying to learn what all about this "math" business is about.

• Best Comment Of The Day in response to A Brief History Of The Bump Watch:

Of course we watch. It's uterUS, not uterYOU

• Best Comment Of The Day in response to Angelina Denies 7th Kid Is On The Way:

Since we're talking about dicks and a kilted James McAvoy, remember those mirror-plated shoes Jez wrote about a while back? Um, I need a pair. In case he and I are ever walking side by side, I uh, well, I just really think those shoes would look good on me.


• Best Comment Of The Day in response to 4-Year-Old Girl Treks Through Snow To Save Family After Car Accident:

Remember: In a crisis, keep calm and Carrion.

Averie good piece of advice, that.

• Best Comment Of The Day in response to Lady Gaga's Preachy New Self-Acceptance Dance Single Has Arrived:


The evergreen population, so long overlooked in modern society, is thrilled to finally be recognized in a song about diversity and acceptance and empowerment.

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