Between Christian Bale's turn as a slapstick Jesus, whatever the hell was going on with Helena Bonham Carter, and one celebrity's areola on display, there was a lot to take in during the subtle moments of last night's Golden Globes.

To the left…Could it be?

Yes, it is.

There seemed to be a trend going on with nominees last night, when their names were announced. They made a lot of goofy faces.

But nothing trumped the cuteness that is Ryan Gosling.

There was also a trend in which some people didn't understand jokes that were told.

Speaking of Helena Bonham Carter…What was her deal, exactly?

Meanwhile, some people epitomized that old adage that only boring people get bored.

But it was difficult to tell if Julia Stiles was trying to demonstrate her boredom or her bitchdom.

But no one did Bitch like Pfeiffer. As the night wore on, it wore on her nerves, evidently.

Some people handled the long evening with lots of booze.

Others with humor.

And others with, um, grace?

Hope Davis passed the time by looking down Jennifer Lopez's dress.

There was also this weird segment of gay people…

…reacting to straight people who were awarded for pretending to be gay people…

…and observed by the converse of that.

A few more things: Snooki?

The "I had sex with Natalie Portman" face isn't all that becoming.

Are Jake and Jenny a thing now?

And lastly: