Vice has an interview with the self-appointed poster man for frotteurism — the act of rubbing one's genitalia against a non-consenting person. But it sounds like you'll learn more reading Dickflash.

The author, who writes under the name Vic Touche (is this some Vice tic I'm unaware of?), says he has experienced this unwelcome event several times before, and decides to call up a Japanese man, Sam Yamamoto, with a site called What that site lacks in quality web design, it makes up in relative moral boundaries — at least, again, compared to Dickflash. Or so it seems until you get to the second guideline:

Do not solicit a minor.

  • A story about underage girl is tolerated as far as it is frotteurism related. But it has tendency to stray out of the topic. If you want to let off your steam fancying about a young girl, you rather click here or here or Off Topic Board.

Confusing! The Vice interview, which the author freely describes as "the worst interview of all time" doesn't shed much more light. But it does pay lip service to female enthusiasm for the act.

Where's your ideal location?
Wherever the woman agrees.

Have you ever run into trouble?

Who's your ideal candidate?
One who likes it.

What's the best material to frot (fabric wise)?
Bare skin if she agrees.

And yet Yamamoto refuses to answer when the questions get more pointed. "Let's face it, frotteurism is a safe kind of rape huh?" No answer. Funny how that works.


The Man Who Rubs Himself Against Strangers On Trains [Vice]
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