We were pretty sure that JT had given up on music so he could get all hyper-kinetic in The Social Network and do whatever he's doing in that movie with Amanda Seyfried. But no!

He's secretly been working on new music. Behold: the thumping bass, relentless drums and stuttering beats of "Take You Down." It's got singing girls like "Se√Īorita" and is clearly built for the dancefloor. But something's missing. It's not exactly bringing sexy back. Not that it makes you want to cry a river‚Ķ But maybe it needs a little falsetto? Or something. Get Timbaland or Pharrell on the phone, STAT.

UPDATE: It's not Justin. Lies? On the Internet? You don't say!

Take You Down by Culture Pop


Justin Timberlake - 'Take You Down' Song Leak [Just Jared]