Whether you're snowed in or snowed out, you may enjoy these shots of kids and dogs playing in the drifts from this week's storm — and showing that snow rocks when you don't have a job.

This little guy's name is Little Guy. Concord, NH, via AP.

A kid goes deep on Sackett St., Brooklyn. Via Getty.

A little snow will not keep him from his walk. New York, Getty.

This dog looks kind of upset. I think he's worried about missing his flight. New York, Getty.

Lest you think we are xenophobes who only care about the frolics of American dogs, here is an adorable little dude braving the cold in Austria, where snows struck earlier this month. Via AP.

This dog is clearly displeased with the state of the roads in Meadville, PA. Via AP.

The snow in New York may be too dry for snowballs, but these British kids are living it up. Ironbridge, UK, Getty.

Make no mistake, sledding is serious business. Southport, UK, Getty.