2010's viral hits provide an interesting peek into our readers' psyches. Apparently, you guys are obsessed with swearing, masturbation, and laughing at other's misery, but you make up for it with your love of adorable kitties.

10) Kanye West's Most Ridiculous On-Air Moments

No matter what you think of Kanye as a person, there's no denying he's a true entertainer. Sometimes we enjoy his music, but more often we're laughing at his consistently absurd self-aggrandizing statements. That's why Yeezy deserves the #10 spot on our... SORRY, IMMA LET YOU FINISH, BUT KANYE HAD ONE OF THE MOST RIDICULOUS VIRAL VIDEOS OF ALL TIME!

9) The Periodic Table Of Swearing

This chart of British curse words proved way more popular than the actual Periodic Table. We bet more kids would get involved in science if there were more opportunities to use the term "stink like a piss ceefax."

8) Harry Potter Stars Learn To Speak American
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So what if British people sound more educated? You don't need a swanky accent to say, "Can I get an order of mozarella sticks?"

7) Baby Vs Cat: Cute Faceoff Ends With More Cute

This is pretty much Exhibit A in my case against the cat who put a scar on my forehead 25 years ago. However, it seems many of you found this video "adorable" and "squeeee!" It must be nice to live without the constant fear of cranial clawings.

6) Watch A Guy Tastefully Masturbate On Big Brother Live Feed

The most shocking thing about this video: This dude wasn't masturbating, he just really enjoys cleaning his ears.

5) Flowchart: Know Your Female Character Stereotypes

Are you working on a screenplay that you hope will get turned into a big-budget Hollywood movie some day? Don't forget the "Bitchy Fiancée," "Evil Matriarch," and "Happy Single Teenage Mom." (Or if it's sci-fi, the "Troi", "Badass Waif," and some type of robotic dog.)

4) Adorable Kitten Adorably Attacks Himself

Yes, this cat is adorable. And sure, he looks crazy. But how do we know there isn't a giant dog standing behind him?

3) What Fast Food Really Looks Like

This video proves fast food looks nothing like it does in ads. However, you should definitely be more excited to eat the mushy store-bought burgers and tacos, as they're relatively shellack and spray paint-free.


2) A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs
Hmm...how to sum up your feelings on this post? Well, first your interest was piqued:

Then you realized you were in for a treat:

You started reading intently:

Laughing all the way:

Finally, a sense of elation and appreciation for the wonder that is gifs set in:

1) Clueless Secretary Prompts Hilarious Office Email Thread

The biggest viral story of the year had everything: Clueless co-workers, Photoshop, a cute cat, and even a tiny hat. Here's a theory you probably haven't considered: What if the graphic designer had Missy in his cubicle the whole time?