Jersey Shore makes its triumphant return to Seaside Heights January 6. In this preview we get to see a lot of new roomie Deena, Snooki's arrest for "annoying people" and Ronnie getting his asshole penetrated. Much more after the jump.

So, something (other than this doctor's fingers) is up Ronnie's butt. Care to make any guesses?

Snooki's friend Deena—whom we met briefly on season two—has joined the cast. On her first day in the house, she introduced herself to Mike.

And then she introduced her vagina.

Aside from Deena, there are a few more additions to the house. Like this "grenade whistle."

A cool new toilet.

And this stripper pole.

Which Ronnie broke.

Could that be a clue as to what is up his butt?

Just like on last season, Sammi is still not getting along with the girls, and manages to throw down with Snooki, Deena and JWoww, which leads to her getting punched in the neck by the latter.

Perhaps most exciting of all, is that we finally learn exactly why Snooki was charged with "annoying people" when she was drunk in public. It's because she asked someone where the beach was.