When you hear "2010 Trophee Des Arts Gala at The Plaza Hotel" and you learn that Anna Wintour, Alexa Chung and half the NYC social set were there, you expect winter elegance. And this hypothetical you is not disappointed.

Anna Wintour has the distinct air of a Hedda Gabler in an ill-advised reimagined production that sets the action in Stalinish Russia.

Victoria Wyman, clearly a woman who knows her way around a gala.

Rachel Feinstein and John Currein are artists and society folk and she's also Marc Jacobs' muse. All of which is somehow magically evident in her choice of outfit.

Speaking of Marc: now that it's cold, he just swaps out his kilt for pants. We ladies don't have it quite so easy.

Vicky Ward's dress is a present to herself. Which is great, if she likes it. Everyone's happy.

I loathe dyed fur, but I gotta admit that Fe Saracino Fendi's shapes are an elegant solution to cold-weather formalwear.

Alexa Chung bucks the trend, going even more schoolboy than usual. The contrast is effective!

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