Nicole Kidman or Jon Hamm? These are the kind of fake problems those of us choosing lead pictures face, and a real dilemma that fellow-stars at the "Rabbit Hole" premiere had to grapple with.

Nicole Kidman — and, indeed, women of the world: we know where your breasts are. This diagramming is unnecessary.

ADA Alex CabotStephanie March will catch her death! Does no one have a mother? It's like friggin' Never-Never Land out there!

I hate to break it to Jill Flint, but this is not the ideal getup for tire-swinging. I speak from bitter experience.

Sandra Oh, now, has it down. This is nothing if not comfy.

Jennifer Westfeldt nails demure elegance.

Parker Posey demonstrates the New York winter uniform.

Jon Hamm has the look that says, "Why, yes! We do look retro-perfect and almost cartoonishly attractive! Why?"

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