We're so excited! IFP's 20th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards was exciting: Julianne went boudoir, Natalie Portman wore H&M, Leighton went all Annie Hall, and Winona channeled an evil witch! And that's just for starters.

Julianne Moore looks like she's just in from the boudoir. It's very Blanche Dubois. Or at least Devereaux.

Speaking of deshabille...Amanda Peet is giving me flashbacks to the unfortunate "nightgown" trend of the 90s, post-Hole, after it went mainstream.

Anne Hathaway has the self-satisfaction of a woman inexplicably hosting the Oscars and inexplicably pulling off a Laura Ashley textile circa-93.

I can't tell if Mila Kunis is doing sexyface or sullenface, but this neckline is very Madame X!

Natalie Portman shows why Lanvin for H&M rated campout waits and eBay inflation: it's that good.

Is it the shoes that give Winona Ryder's getup such a Wicked air?

Can we agree that Hilary Swank's skewing a little Atlantic City here?

This is the kind of thing magazines are always saying to wear to holiday parties. First of all, where are all these "holiday parties" and why aren't I invited to them? Second, Sarah Paulson kind of makes it work.

Ok, so, Leighton Meester. I mean, yeah, ridiculous. And yes, awesome. Discuss.

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