Jessica Simpson's new dudelove reportedly hid her three stone ruby engagement ring in a shoe, the smelliest part of everyone's wardrobe.

In a move lifted directly from the Sex And The City 2: Revenge of the Fallen cutting room floor, Eric Johnson proposed to JSimp with a ring he hid in a shoe, because apparently nothing escapes the eagle eyes of Simpson.

Johnson also informed her family weeks in advance of his plan to propose to the singer/?/on-TV-sometimes lady who has publicly declared that "music is definitely my number two priority next to love." According to Simpson,

"He had the ring in his shoe at my house somewhere. I was like: Why hide it in a shoe? But it worked. I had no idea."

She continued,

"He got down on his knee and I had to sit down on it because I was so shocked. I was ... short of breath. It was definitely one of those moments where I've never felt that way before, ever."


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