There's been another breakthrough in the quest to know every minute detail about Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement. The press has located the Kenyan cabin where he proposed, and published totally necessary photos of the bed they slept in.

During their October vacation, the couple stayed at Lewa Downs Wildlife Conservancy, which is owned by their friend's parents, as well as Manda Bay and Rutundu.

The Sun claims that William popped the question on the balcony of Rutundu, a secluded cabin:

The paper sent a reporter to the cabin to file a breathless report on their royal canoodling from outside the cabin. Plus, it published photos of the message they left in the resort's guest book, in which Kate remarks, "I love the warm fires and candle lights — so romantic!" and this shot of the bed they slept in:


The entire cabin looks like a nasty splinter waiting to happen, but don't feel too bad for Kate and William. Aisle Dash reports that they moved on to Manda Bay, which seems much more appropriate for a future king and queen.

Sure, the Twin Peaks cabin has its charms, but if we could choose the place to fulfill our princess fantasies, we'd prefer to dig into a platter of lobsters at Manda Bay after a long day of dolphin watching on a yacht.


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