The 58th Annual BMI Country Music Awards were a combination of classic country and modern showbiz, glitz and restraint. Between Taylor Swift, Martina McBride, Faith Hill and, um, Sandra Lee, we got a picture of Nashville 2010.

Meghan Linsey, fulfilling every 5-year-old's dream of a living Barbie!

Why is Sandra Lee here? Why is she the First Lady of New York state? Why does she have a cooking show? We don't ask these questions.

Sunny Sweeney, ready for Sweet Charity (in the spirit of finding something charitable to say.)

Ashley Monroe: Scarlett 5.0. Yeah, the drapes have gotten sparser.

Faith Hill goes boho. Her hair goes Middle School '97. The two will meet at a Dar Williams show.

Thank goodness: Heidi Newfield brings a little Nashville glam!

Also reliably glitz: Martina McBride.

Sheryl Crow shows a lot of leg, a little severity.

I kind of dig Joey Martin Feek's objectively dowdy 60's camp girl.

Love for costumes aside, I think we can all agree Joey Martin Feek is just underdressed.

Taylor Swift, per usual, is impeccable: she can do sexy as well as she does sweet.

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