Today's best comments are more delicious than a big slice of Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa cake.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Lady Gaga Haunted By Annoying Ghost:

Gaga! Just say "Seacrest out!"

Best Comment Of The Day in response to New Yorkers: This Is Our New First Lady:

Somewhere on the Upper East Side, Anthony Bourdain is having a heartattack and rekindling his smoking habit.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to "Fatties" Writer Emails Angry Reader: "I Truly Apologize":

"I didn't think people would take it personally." = "I forgot that fat people are actual living, breathing, senient human beings who kiss and hug and walk across rooms and wear clothing and buy fashion magazines and read blogs and send emails, not just some abstract porky menace that lurch about on the margins of society grossing everyone out. My bad."

Best Comment Of The Day in response to The Best Boehner Jokes: Tears And Erections:

I'm not excited at all, sorry to bring the group down - but seriously! Boehner is going to rub people the wrong way, and feel free to ejaculate on the Senate floor for semenly no good reason. And then his own party is going to jerk him around until they've rubbed out any hope of Democrats playing hardball. Our country is about to get seriously screwed by this Boehner...wish he'd just find a hole somewhere and stay there.


Best Comment Of The Day in response to Demi Lovato And The Disney Curse:

the very fact that Cyrus's seductive dancing landed her on the Post's "cursed" list illustrates the somewhat ridiculous expectations the media has of the Children of the Mouse.

Exactly. What's Ryan Gosling's curse? Justin Timberlake? Christina Aguilera? JC Chasez? Keri Russell?


• You say:

Ryan Gosling: Perfect bone structure.
Justin Timberlake: Too many bitches, too little time.
JC Chasez: I don't know what these words mean.
Keri Russell: Well, to be fair, have you seen Running Wilde?

*Thank you, Disney Jesus, for this gift.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to The Wisdom Of Cher:

When you think about Cher's background, it's incredibly impressive she made it so far.

For those of you who don't know: Her mother, a sometime dancer, gave birth to her in the wagon of a traveling show. Cher's grandfather struggled to feed his family, doing everything from preaching to selling miracle cures. Her family was vilified and Cher became used to dealing with ethnic slurs and accusations of criminal activities at a young age.

Just when she was on the cusp of adulthood (16), Cher was seduced by an older man (21) who traveled with the show for a while. By the time she found out she was pregnant, she hadn't seen the man for a while (which was good, because Cher's father would have shot him if he knew what he'd done).


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