Harper's Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards in London are always notable. But this year...did they bring us the best dress of all?

Natalia Vodianova models what has to be one of the most fabulous looks of the waning year: gorgeous!

Yasmin Le Bon has clearly crowned herself something. Take away weird fur sash and it's just a pretty, classic gown.

I'd say that Claire James is having a slight lingerie slip, but given hubby Alex's shoes — and the fact that she appears to be wearing a pocketwatch — this may be deliberate.

Alex Jones, ready for a John Hughes cameo!

So's Mariella Frostrup — specifically, in the Annie Potts role.

Olivia Williams: always experimental, occasionally successful — always with the sort of devil-may-care eccentricity only a Brit can pull off.

Couple on everyone's lips, Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson. Looking very much the It couple.

Hayley Atwell looks ready for a guard-post in the Emerald City. Which I respect. (Pillars of the Earth was really disappointing.)

Emma Thompson is no stranger to the worst-dressed list, but here she looks gorgeous!

[Images via Getty]