If you try to find the lightning-rod "opinion piece" "Should Fatties Get a Room (Even On TV)" a funny thing happens: nothing. It seems that, without a word, the magazine has taken the offensive post down.

At first we thought maybe it was a technical glitch. After all, It's an odd thing: the magazine claims to stand by Maura Kelly's piece — which they defended as "provocative." And they ran a series of counterpoint pieces as a means of responding. And yet, now they've removed it — giving the lie to these earlier actions? We don't know exactly what the magazine's rationale was; a PR rep from Hearst hadn't responded to our query at time of publication.

Are they hoping it'll be a case of out of sight, out of mind? That they can run a couple of "counterpoints," that Kelly can go back to writing about sexy Halloween costumes, and the whole unfortunate incident will be forgiven and forgotten? Maybe they're right: but only time will tell.

(The article is cached here.)


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