Halle, Minnie, Helena, Carey, Hilary, Leighton, Milla...need we go on? They were all at the 14th annual Hollywood Awards Gala, looking fly...or, you know, like The Corpse Bride.

Okay, can we just agree that this is both ridiculous and stunning?

Yes, you'll be glad to know that Halle's frock passes the fingertip test.

I love how much Carey Mulligan changes it up: and she pulls off restrained elegance as well as she does youthful risk.

Speaking of simply elegant: Heather Graham looks lovely.

I was on the fence with Bryce Dallas Howard's rather busy (and vaguely 18th c) frock — but overall think it lands on "pretty."

Another busy risk — Leighton Meester's ethereal blue. I dig; you?

Now we get to the more dubious choices. Minnie Driver, channeling Dynasty...not in the good way.

Does Helena Bonham Carter dress like a Tim Burton character because she's married to Tim Burton, or did her aesthetic bring them together? Things to ponder.

Between the hair, the sandals and the frock, Rashida Jones is ready for Rome.

Hilary Swank channels a boozy mother-of-the-bride.

You know how I love Andrew Garfield. Even in this weirdly skinny Top Man-worthy tie.

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